A Successful ICO Passed SocialMedia.Market Continues Studies

SocialMedia.Market, the world's first Blockchain-based phenomenal marketing influencer marketing platform, performed well in the first half of 2018 with its recently completed ICO. Completing the ICO on March 16th, the company managed to total 13,946 ETH (about $ 10 million) and showed the most interesting Asian markets to the company's token. 70% of the money collected in Token sales came from Japan.

SocialMedia.Market, which had a successful ICO process, took major steps to develop the Blockchain-based platform for communicating bloggers and other phenomena on social media with advertising agencies. It beats. Social media phenomena can communicate with the advertisers on this platform and capture various opportunities, the details of the deal can be spe- cialized and can get rough. SMT is being used for all operations on the platform. Token owners on the platform can be aware of the individual bloggers who waste, and bloggers can organize more effective advertising campaigns by learning the statistics they have through their profiles. Advertisers can see bloggers' follower numbers, clickthroughs they receive, audience engagement, and more.

Another enhancement made by the company team is related to the search method used to find various channels on the platform. People searching on the platform are now able to make much more detailed searches (such as locating the country and language of the bloggers sought). New features added to the search option allow advertisers to find the most relevant bloggers with the product on their hand.

SocialMedia.Market CEO Dmitri Shyshov, who talked about the steps the company has taken since the ICO process, said:

"If we were to look at the success of our beta version, we would have to develop SocialMedia.Market platform, We are taking good steps in integrating technology.

In order to find a blogger from the database in the platform, some improvements have been made to the search method, but the response rate of the database has also been increased. The improvements made are much more relaxed in terms of platform users, filtering and sorting. The pages are now loading much faster and users can now communicate with bloggers from around the world by trying out the beta version.

SocialMedia.Market is also developing and building partnerships outside the platform, as well as making improvements within the platform. In this direction, the company has been able to establish a strategic partnership with Native Video Box, a decentralized video distribution system. The company also made an agreement with the Taklimakan Network, which brings together crypto money investors, analysts and supporters.

The company has really chosen a good time to launch ICO and establish partnerships because the phenomenal market could have a value of between 5 and 10 billion dollars over the next five years. It should be noted that this market forecast is not over-run because GlobalWebIndex reports that the time people spend on social media has increased by 24 percent over the past five years. In addition, according to a study by Linqia, marketers who make use of the phenomenon marketing strategy earn about $ 12 per dollar spent

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