A Swedish Initiative Introduces Autonomous Freight Vehicles

Einride, a Swedish initiative, introduced the heavy-duty vehicles called the Pod. These autonomous vehicles are expected to be on the road next year.

Although parking Although the idea of ​​traveling without worry and focus on driving may be tempting to people. autonomous vehicles There is another group looking forward to it: the logistics sector.

Autonomous cargo delivery There are many companies and initiatives in the field. One of them Einride although the firm’s CEO and founder Robert FalckIts tools called Pod “Customer and special design” says it is.

Customer-specific design

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Falck, in his statement, is the point that distinguishes them from their competitors, autonomous vehicle enhancements tailored to customers’ needs As said, they are performing in accordance with the real world.

The purpose of the firm is, remotely controllable get a truck. In addition, these vehicles will work with a fully electric system. Thus, it will help reduce costs while increasing sustainability. According to the company’s statement, Under the world open to the public It will be the first electric autonomous vehicle to operate on the roads.


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According to Einride Under and your firm “Freight Mobility Platform” service offers several advantages. Chief among these is the reduction in emission and operating costs. Vehicle according to the company’s work, with conventional diesel models compared to 200% higher efficiency.

Design advantage

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According to the Swedish company interior design and its rounded corners make the device more aerodynamically efficient without sacrificing storage capacity. Falck, if they can be competitive in terms of price, Under He says it’s in autonomous electric trucks like.

The vehicles will not have a driver’s cabin. Falck He says that this helps to lower prices and reduce the load on the electrical system. So these vehicles can be used with other diesel vans. similar prices able to have

The company is currently four different vehicles working on. One of them is suitable for closed networks and can reach speeds of 35 kilometers per hour. Its range varies between 130 km and 172 kilometers. If the load capacity of the vehicle is 16 ton as explained.

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