A Two-Door Version of Cadillac Escalade Designed

Cadillac, one of the important car manufacturers in the USA, is known for its big SUV model Escalade as well as its classic vehicles. Cadillac Escalade exits the factory as a four-door, but a designer has designed a two-door version of this vehicle. Let's take a closer look at this design.

Cars with four doors as standard with two-door versions we encounter from time to time and this change, according to some people to cars a more sporty look He adds. So is the same for SUV vehicles? A designer who asks this question, A two-door version of Cadillac Escalade He designed.

This change, which we have seen previously in the Ford Explorer Coupe, Range Rover and Jeep Cherokee Coupe, by many car lovers "Unusable and unnecessary" had received criticism. Cadillac escalade Similar comments can be made for, but let's take a look at the details of the design first.

Here is the two-door version of Cadillac Escalade:

Cadillac escalade

X-Tomi Design Facebook the image shared on the page, "What would Cadillac Escalade be if it had two doors?" answers the question. Cadillac Escalade, which looks like it has extended towards the back with the removal of the doors, is some problems can reveal.

Reducing the number of doors in some vehicles can produce positive results both by authorities and users. SUV vehicles We cannot say the same for. You also appreciate that a four-door Cadillac Escalade will be more useful than a two-door Cadillac Escalade.


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Of course, it is worth noting that this is just a design. Cadillac, which recently announced the 2021 model Escalade, without breaking the design line he added innovations and turned Escalade into a technology base. Therefore, we can say that the company does not have such a car plan. You can share your opinions about this design prepared for luxury SUV with us in the comments section.