A Very Ambitious Future to Xbox's New Studios E3

Microsoft will introduce some of its games from its game studio at E3

Microsoft has signaled that it has accelerated its preparations for the E3 2019 presentation over the last few months, not only at E3 this year, but also at the entire show. Next-generation Xbox to be introduced this year, alongside other good news from the company.

During an Xbox Inside presentation, the Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, said he would soon be presenting a new wave of gameplay, including the upcoming studios. Spencer told people in his new studios that they had never seen them before, and they were going to show something new and fun.

He said that everyone was excited about it, including the studio where the E3 was a really big deal for all platforms and they were just starting out. However, it would take time for them to be fully integrated, as different teams were in different development cycles, and it could take years for all teams to become a whole. [19459005]             Microsoft Announces Xbox's E3 2019 Release Date

Less than 2 months to E3 2019 and Microsoft seems to be more powerful than ever. However, it is not possible to say the same thing for E3 because Sony does not participate. Therefore, interest in E3 will be lower than ever.