A Visually Impaired Man Has Received 7,500 Kill In Call Of Duty

TJ, Reddit and YouTube told how to play games. TJ's Call of Duty has 7,500 kill.

Can you play a game like Call of Duty without your eyes? Call of Duty: A blind man with a blind eye: he was able to kill over 7,500 in WWII. In an article published in Reddit, the video of the blind man with the username "tj_the_blind_gamer" was uploaded to his YouTube account. TJ, who hid the real name, told Engadget that it was fun to play with his friends even though the game was fun for him and the game we thought he needed to see was blind.


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TJ, who has a weak sense of sight, has lost his left eye at age 5 and his right eye at age 14. After losing his eyes, TJ, who taught himself again to play, is moving forward by listening to his footsteps. He uses high quality headphones during the game, closes background music and listens to the sounds of enemies. As he progresses on the map, he uses his ears again to find his direction, and thanks to his experience he can move forward smoothly. TJ can kill the enemy waiting behind the wall with his voice and experience. TJ sometimes takes directional commands from viewers who want to watch their talent by opening live broadcasts.


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In addition to playing games to have fun, the player is also publishing content as a guide on how to play games such as Diablo, Call of Duty for people with disabilities on YouTube. Here is a video from TJ on YouTube: