A Woman Who Couldn't Know Her Face Because of Face Blindfold

Boo James, a rare disease, cannot remember any of the faces he sees. Unable to recognize the face of his mother's genius, Boo, even from time to time cannot recognize his own face, even perceives himself as a foreigner. . Boo, who remains in dilemma about whether he should say hello to a person he sees on the street, lives with this stress for the rest of his life


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A woman with Prosopagnozi has learned from a television program that she only watches by chance at the age of forty, and she is not interested in her carelessness or laziness. Boo halted his hatred after that day and gave clues about the mood at that time with the words, ile I tried to get to know myself and forgive me immediately. “


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The definition of the woman, who is now 51 years old, is quite interesting. . I can only see faces in pieces, Bo says Boo. Yes, there are a pair of eyes, nose, and so on, but I cannot unite them in my own mind. In my eyes, they are all just one piece. In

It is a good news that Boo has increased the awareness that he has announced this unfortunate illness to the media.

How Prosopagnosia Occurs

The first of these diseases, which are basically based on two different factors, is agn Developmental Face Blindness Temel, as was the case for Boo. Developmental facial blindness is the result of an increase in the brain's defects from birth. This disease, which is based on the different regions of the brain communicating with each other, is still untreated. The brain, which gets a serious blow, causes the disease to appear.