About 10 Facts About Google

Google continues its journey as a search engine giant, one of the largest technology companies.

Today, Google is a search engine in the 90s and is now a world giant. Google, which owns the services used by everyone, such as Android, YouTube, Gmail, has gone through many different processes until today.

Now come and let's start to look at the 10 interesting information we have compiled about this world giant.

10. Google was originally called BackRub:

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the name of the search engine they created in 1996 as BackRub. It is not known why the name was chosen this way and why it was later changed to Google.

9. The Google name comes from "googol":

On September 15, 1997, Page and Brin changed the name BackRub to Google. The name Google, inspired by the number 1 and the combination of 100 zeros, has been chosen so that it represents an unlimited amount of data.

We see that the data is no longer unlimited (!)

8. Google's first office was a rented garage (not surprised):

It's pretty common for a Silicon Valley venture, isn't it? Page and Brin, who launched Google in September 1998 using the garage of Susan Wojcicki, have made Wojcicki the first company's marketing manager and then YouTube CEO who made a major contribution to the company's current status.

7. Google has goats:

We have already told you that the garden of Microsoft's headquarters is full of rabbits. There is a similar situation on Google. These goats are rented by Google to lawn. So if you start working on Google one day, you shouldn't be surprised if you see a goat when you look through the glass.

6. Google is losing money because of the 'I feel lucky' button and is trying to hide this button:

One of the best-known features of Google for many years, the "I feel lucky" button loses the company $ 110 million annually because it prevents advertising from being displayed in the search results. Google is uncomfortable with this situation, according to the word you are looking for at the bottom of the suggestions and this button is a little bit to prevent the appearance. When he has completely removed, he is afraid that his old image will be destroyed.

5. Google Images had a very serious record on the first day of its launch:

In 2001, Google launched a visual search service, making 250 million searches from the first day. This is a very good value for the first day of a project.

4. Google searches also include some 'interesting' languages:

The Swedish chef character in The Muppets is the language of Google, which offers language options other than the normal languages, from the language of the Chef character (Bork, bork, bork) to Elmer Fudd, Pirate, Klingon, Pig Latin and Hacker. seems to have wanted to make fun. You can find all the language options that Google offers.

3. Google has been buying a different company every week (!) Since 2010:

Up to now, hundreds of companies have been incorporated into the company, and Google is buying the companies it sees as a rival. Android, YouTube and Waze are just three of them.

2. Google would be sold for $ 1 million in 1999, but the first customer gave up at the last moment:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who attempted to sell Google to the internet company Excite, had failed to successfully complete the sale. Excite CEO, Google, which will be sold for $ 1 million, gave up at the last moment. Today, Google's parent company, Alphabet, has a value of $ 800 billion.

1. It is possible to find food at Google offices every 45 meters:

Google offices have always been famous for their abundance and quality. Nearly all offices of the company have to have 150 feet, or any food at 45 meters. These foods are free for employees

We've come to the end of the content we've compiled about Google. In the coming weeks we will continue to produce similar content on Google's parent company, Alphabet and other technology giants. Stay in pursue:)

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