Abra's CEO said "50 thousand dollars" for Bitcoin

Bitcoin's price has been falling for a long time since it peaked all the time, but many people who are interested in the market think that this decline is likely to reverse in the near future. Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, predicted that Bitcoin's price would reach 50,000 dollars in the long run.

Speaking to Inverse, Bill Barhydt said that the market would eventually come out of the bottom level and Bitcoin's 50,000

"I see Bitcoin in the long run over $ 50,000, but it's not realistic to expect it to happen in a night."

Barhydt did not specify a clear timeframe in his forecast, contrary to other price estimates. This made Barhydt's 50,000-dollar prediction more likely.

Abra's smartphone application allows Bitcoin to be purchased using a payment card from anywhere in the world. Abra practice supports up to 25 crypto coins, and users can trade almost instantly between crypto coins supported with 50 nominal currencies.

Bitcoin's price now stands at about $ 6,200, according to Coinmarketcap.

50 thousand dollars for bitcoin possible? Share your opinions from the comments section below.