Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange will be hurt by Blockchain

The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange has signed a partnership agreement with the UK-based FinTech company Equifax, which provides Blockchain technology services.

ADX Chairman Rashed Al Blooshi made an announcement on Monday:

Equichain will inform the ADX of ways to use new technologies, including Blockchain, to improve operational efficiency in terms of transaction speed and security

19659004] The exchange with Equichain and its working group members will enable us to identify and test new applications of Blockchain technology aimed at enhancing the speed and security of capital market transactions for the benefit of our investors and our stakeholders.

Many capital markets in the Bay of Bafra,

With Fintech it is possible to differentiate from hydrocarbon-based industries

The governments in the oil region, fintech, g u they are describing a means for differentiation of the hydrocarbon-based industries. In this regard, they are turning to new solutions to provide fuel for environmentalism, heating and transportation. BAE, Kuwait and Bahrain governments have already developed new regulations for the FinTech industry.

ADX, the third largest stock exchange in the world, ranks first in the Middle East / Africa region.

Following the announcement of Al Blooshi's e-mail, the giant stock exchange has adopted the following statements:

The goal of this strategic initiative is to seamlessly integrate the two ends of the corporate investment spectrum with Blockchain technology and thus remove some of the intermediate layers that form part of the trade cycle;

There is also a forum

Equichain, headquartered in London, runs two groups: one for institutional investors and the other for market infrastructure providers like stock exchanges. Blockchain can help simplify the trading cycle and improve the efficiency of the exchange processes.

ADX will also participate in the second group, including the thought leaders of the FinTech and financial services industry.

The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange will create a smoother capital market with Blockchain

The ADX will be the first of its kind in the group

Equichain's CEO, Nicholas Bone, said in a statement on the subject:

This partnership is a more fluid partnership for investors, and it will be a partnership and will work closely with other partners to share knowledge and experience in the sector's use of Blockchain technology. ccn

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