Accepted as TapJets Method of Payment Crypto Money Asked by Customers

The link between airline companies and crypto money is getting stronger day by day. While Bitcoin is popular, many airline companies are leaping to accept famous crypt money; some of them had gone to work; The serious imbalances in bitcoin prices have caused airline to give up.

However, crypto money acceptance now seems to have become a new stop for air routes. In particular, the various subcontractors who have proven themselves more than Bitcoin have both low prices and broader user domains;

At this point while launching a study on which subcommittee will be accepted by the flight company named TapJets ; 3 subcoins shown as candidates;

Tweets from the TapJets official Twitter account were used to make the public announcement of the judge's announcement:

"Clients who use crypto money have asked us to evaluate the crypto money acceptance again. CEO Eugene Kesselman said that the customer decides which subcommand to use and opens a survey.

Litecoin first came to the forefront in the company's poll of airborne transportation called Uberi; Ripple and his powerful mosque, Verge succeeded in closing the gap later.

While Litecoin's wider use became a step forward, especially for US-based uses, is seen as a great advantage. Especially in stock markets like Coinbase and Gemini, in terms of price, drawing a slightly more stable graphic than others; this field is entering the field.

Another coin, Verge, is famous for being too out of its use . The LTC prices, which have low volatility, have recently shook a little, but now A lot of arguments and agreements have been signed and the coin that goes well in marketing is behind a fanatical community. It seems to be one of the reasons that think of Verge. However, the price of Verge, which has a serious price imbalance, fell from 7.8 cents to 5.00 cents and the project has less use than Litecoin.

Finally, cryptography is one of the most controversial coin The use of Ripple is more limited.

At the time of writing, Litecoin is at the top with 38 percent, followed by Ripple with 36 percent. The Litecon; Although it is more reliable, it is criticized for having lower speed and higher crushing.