According to Knowing, Bees knows what 0 means!

As you know, each number in mathematics corresponds to a different meaning. If you think people understand only these meanings, you are mistaken.

Zero figure is of great importance for modern mathematics and science. Although it takes different roles in different processes, zero means 'absence' for us. Even though there are people at the head of the living things that can think and express what you think, a new research has revealed astonishing facts. Previously, it was known that parrots and apes understood the zero concept. Now they join this group.

The bees, who are estimated to have as many as four and some mathematical skills, are using these talents to mark their place. But about the number 0, which is thought to have a more complex structure, science did not have clear information. Scientists who want to test it have tried 10 tests to identify the two smaller ones. In the first experiment, two different pictures were shown with shapes on a white background. If they were flying in the shape of lesser shapes, they were given sweet sugary water.

When they learned that the small number responded in such a way to the small number, scientists put a new test on them. In this context, a background with nothing and a background with a few objects was presented. Bees set out from their previous experience, often leading to a blank background. He understood that every two thirds knew the logic of the number 0.


            Do you know that Honey can count up to 4?

In addition, the team of researchers conducted a series of experiments, expressing that they know the difference between one and zero. Such a numerical skill amazes us, but this distinction is a skill that works for animals.