According to the survey, each of the five South Koreans who invested in Bitcoin is doing the '' HODL ''

A new survey found that about 45 percent of crypto-currency investors hold assets on a long-term plan and expect market prices to improve.

A survey conducted by the South Korean crypto money market Bithumb examined 2,507 people. According to a report by Yonhap News figures show that 42.8 percent of traders invest their money in crypto currencies as part of their long-term management plan.

What is HODL?

while 13.1 percent said they are investing only to keep the market's pulse. Though 44.1 percent of participants said they would control the amount invested in the bazaar if the state brought the income tax obligation, 39.5 percent said they would keep their investments in spite of the tax.

Since the end of December 2017 prices have almost become a speeding trail in the marketplace, while a 4.4 per cent say it will increase the amount of investment, while a 13.1 per cent say they will withdraw all their investments. The value of Bitcoin In the middle of December reached $ 20,000 the market attracted new investors. After six months of rapidity, market prices fell. According to CoinMarketCap the number one crypto currency is trading at a value of $ 7,716, representing an increase of 2.01 percent within seven days from the date of publication. The market value of the whole industry is not even better. The total value of January has exceeded $ 800 billion and has so far declined to $ 347 billion.

Regardless of the fact that market conditions are not ideal at this time, investors should want to keep their money in the sector , they are assured that market prices will rise again. This belief was registered in a survey by the Bank of Korea in March by observing that 40 percent of the 30-year-old adults in the country are willing to invest in the crypto money market.

, A separate survey by the Foundation for the Protection of Financial Investors of Korea [December showed that the 20-year old population in South Korea was more active in investing in the market.

For a country that has been cycling back and forth with the crypto money market, things seem to be moving in the positive direction for the time being.