According to the survey, electric cars are attracting great interest

72 percent of people in Germany who drive a combustion engine will definitely or most likely want to buy an electric car next time. This is the result of a survey carried out by the market research institute OnePoll on behalf of Nissan, for which 7,000 motorists across Europe were surveyed.

The result is in contrast to a recently published survey by the management consultancy Deloitte, according to which around 41 percent of respondents said in 2020 that they would prefer an alternative drive the next time they buy a car. That was 10 percentage points less than a year earlier.

Nissan countered that, across Europe, 70 percent of the motorists surveyed could imagine switching to alternative drive technology. 49 percent cited environmental protection as the main reason, 31 percent each the advanced technology and the lower operating and maintenance costs of e-vehicles.

Nissan has interviewed people in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, as well as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Half of the survey participants selected online with the help of screening questions and profile data drive a vehicle with an electric or a combustion engine. In Germany, 500 drivers each were surveyed: inside electrically or conventionally powered vehicles.

Audi e-tron (Sportback) Peak power 230 – 300 kW

Continuous output 100 kW

Battery capacity 71 – 95 kWh gross

max. charging power direct current 150 kW (at certain Ionity charging points)

Min.charging time DC 5 to 100%: 50 minutes

Range (WLTP) 284 to 441 km (Sportback: 287 – 450)

Power consumption (WLTP combined) 21.7 to 26.1 kWh (Sportback: 21.2 – 25.9)

Top speed: 190 (e-tron 50) or 200 km / h (e-tron 55)

Trunk volume: 660 to 1725 liters (Sportback: 615 to 1665)

Base prices (as of January 2021): 69,100 to 81,500 euros (Sportback 71,350 to 83,750 euros)

In its announcement, Nissan does not address possible concerns about electromobility. The company has a strong presence in Germany with its Leaf electric car. In its study, Deloitte describes range, lack of charging stations and charging time as the main concerns, as well as costs.


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