According to the Weiss Ratings report, Cardano (ADA) is the best Blockchain project, but community response

Cardano ( ADA ) is one of the most popular Blockchain projects in the 10th rank in the largest crypto category currently based on market volume. The decentralized platform has a research-oriented approach to Blockchain technology. Local markers (ADAs) are widely accepted in various exchanges and businesses. The online rating platform, Weiss ratings, applauded Cardano for being the best Blockchain Project available.

Cardano (ADA) has not yet made the update of Shelley

However, the statement received a mixed review. Some acknowledged that Cardano worked well with Blockchain technology, while others claimed that the krypton could not meet expectations. The lack of unanimous support stems from the update of Shelley which was dropped by Cardano. Analysts have determined that the krypton is not qualified for the update. In addition, some Cardano users reported having problems with their local wallet and technical issues

Cardano is seen as one of the projects with a bright future under the leadership of its founder Charles Hoskinson . The Firm aims to create a smart contract platform that will allow a regular and advanced approach. The company also deals with many partnerships. The company also wants to expand its business in developing countries.

However, the fact is that the community is tired of waiting for Shelley. Even though Charles Hoskinson interacts with the community, this is disturbing Cardano's advocates. The following question arises in the users' mind: Will the project, which is so promising, be able to do what they say?


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