Actually, there are other worlds than the Moon

We all know the Moon, the only natural moon that can be seen from all over the world at night. Are we really the only natural match, the Moon? A recently completed research reveals the "mini moon" theory, which may be the case for other natural satellites.

The only task of the moon is not to reflect the light that comes out of the sun at night. If there were no heavenly bodies around us, there would be no life on Earth. You can find out what is going to happen if the Moon suddenly disappears by starting from the scientific studies done in this subject.

Most planets in the Solar System have more than one satellite, but we know that Earth is just a satellite. If we have other satellites and we can not really see them? In a new scientific study, the Moon was described as the Earth's greatest natural ordinance. So the existence of other smaller satellites than that was the point.

When I talked about the fact that the small objects in the basin were orbiting the Earth, it was mentioned that the sizes of these mini-satellites were really too small to be seen. In fact, the existence of other natural celestial bodies other than the Moon itself was first noticed in 2006. The dimensions of the subject matter in these studies, which were passed on as a late but important finding, were one to two meters.

The orbits of these objects, which researchers have classified as TCO and TCF, are not as stable as the Moon. Most of the time they are traveling around the Earth for a short time and heading for another area.

Out of the Moon, which has so far not returned more than one round around the Earth until today, TCFs are moving away from the gravitational field of Earth because they are at high speed, while members of the group called TCO often complete a tour. a single satellite was observed. This observation was also made during those discoveries in 2006. Researchers say that a new telescope technology is a necessity for observing these objects more easily.