Adobe Farewell to Fuse CC with Mixamo

Adobe, one of the first names that come to mind in terms of photo and video editing, announced today that it will stop Adobe Fuse CC support. In an announcement made with this development that upset Fuse CC users, it was announced that Mixamo was renewed.

Adobe, a world giant in photo and video editing software, announced today that it will cut support for Adobe Fuse CC. The company said the app could not be used with the upcoming MacOS 10.15 Cataline due to some technological components on the operating system.

MacOS and Windows devices in older versions will be able to use the 3D modeling application until September 13 of next year, until the application is removed from Adobe Creative Cloud.

End of an era: Farewell to Adobe Fuse CC

Adobe Fuse CC

Adobe said that they wanted to focus on other 3D modeling applications because it stopped Fuse CC support. The company also announced that it has renewed The site will have a revamped user interface and "dozens" of new, ready-to-use 3D characters, as the company says.

Adobe acquired Fuse CC about four years ago. Now, by canceling Fuse CC, we can see that the company's interest is moving away from humanoid 3D modeling. The company will focus its attention on other 3D modeling applications such as Adobe Dimension, Project Aero and Substance 3D.