Adolf Hitler's Childhood Held to Everyone!

Adolf Hitler's childhood, the bloodiest ruler of history, has spoken out about his dictatorship and name.

On the other hand, Adolf Hitler, who is not German but Austrian, was born on April 20, 1889. The bloody leader, a very unsuccessful student throughout his education life, first wanted to be a painter and to take the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts exam.

Hitler, the dictator who found the world in the blood, did not know that his youth after being a chancellor in Germany in 1933 (the president of Germany and the prime minister in Austria) in 1933 it started to cover up. You can say, "Why would a person hid a child?" But the hate of the past, which is rarely seen in humans, was in Hitler. This hatred was so serious that Hitler gave death orders to a childhood friend who knew the past.

After his mission, Hitler changed his surname as an attempt to conceal his past, believing he was and was guided by dark forces. The bloody leader, a dictator-structure child, began to raise terror at school when he was 12 years old. For this reason, Hitler, who had no friends, was constantly blaming the surrounding people for his failure.

Hitler, who was more childish than Jews and Slavs, had a great grudge against his father, too. The father, who had the desire to become an artist, had a great hatred by his son. On the other hand, Hitler, who gave no importance to the arrows and caravans, used his caravans as toilet paper.


The only hateful statesman who did not have a father of his own hate was full of hatred for the Catholic Church's monk,
            Adolf Hitler's Death History and Reason Definitively Determined!

Hitler, a non-smoking and vegetarian, had laws that made it difficult for animals to be cut off while he was in charge. The first love Jewish statesman, he could never confess his love. Hitler, who survived the danger of great death two times, wanted to be a priest in his childhood. I think that the bloody leader with little information from the past is a great catastrophe for the whole humanity afterwards.