After the attack of EOS Coinrail, he suffered a great blow: what is happening to EOS?

South Korea-based crypto money market Coinrail has been exposed to an attack that resulted in the theft of various subcodes. The attack on South Korea-based stock market is said to be a downside influence on the market. Over the last 24 hours the markets have not been able to overcome the impact of the Coinrail attack. However, EOS seems to be the most affected crypto money. EOS prices continue to decline despite the mainstream network launch. The EOS community was expecting prices to increase as the main network was not put on the market. However, EOS could not show the expected performance. Investors are now following EOS prices with concern.

EOS main network launched

After a year of ICO and testing, EOS announced that EOS Blockchain was launched on June 10, 2018. The launch of the EOS mainstream network has been successful.

 The EOS received a major blow after the Coinrail attack: what happened to the EOS?
The EOS received a major blow after the Coinrail attack: the EOS had a massive strike,

What happened to EOS?

After the main network launch today, EOS is trading at $ 11.12 with 16.2% decline. EOS is now in the 5th place with a market value of $ 9.9 billion. EOS performed well before trading on the Coinrail stock market and traded at $ 14.74. However, EOS is also affected by recent news of EOSIO in price decline. The EOS Coinrail fell to a low level of $ 10.69 after the attack. EOS moved away from the $ 10 zone with this move. However, investors are still optimistic about EOS prices, and EOS believes that they will see $ 15 again.

Of course EOS may start to rise again. However, according to the present picture, it is unclear when this will happen. If EOS does not exceed its support levels in the front, it seems a bit difficult to wait for the price increase. In general, there should not be much panic. The EOS can take back speed and return to its true value. However, according to analysts, EOS investors should expect this improvement in the long run.


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