Aircraft Ship Varyag's Story from the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus had hosted an unusual event when the calendars were shown on 1 November 2001.

Year 1985. While the ship Varyag was overlaid by the Russian, it was abducted by Russia in 1988. During this time, the famous Berlin Wall was destroyed, and it became a place to be out. The USSR has disintegrated, many new countries have emerged. In such a mixed environment, Varyag was left in the construction phase and suspended. For five years he waited in the hands of the Russians without breaking a single nail. When the calendars were shown in 1993, Varyag was delivered to Ukraine with the consensus reached between Russia and the Ukrainian states. But the intention of Ukraine was not to complete the vessel and put an airplane on it. He would sell it to someone else at a price well above what you bought from Russians. Which is also true …

First shook hands with England. After that, this sales rafa was over due to the international problems that had been experienced and Ukraine announced to Varyag that it had an agreement with a tourism company.

But what would a tourism firm do with the airplane?

Varyag was paid 20 million dollars in compensation. The ship was sold to the tourism company in question and the public was told that it would be used as a fun center for tourists.

Now, Varyag is going to go to China in order to go to China, and he will be able to go to China as well. Çanakkale and Istanbul were required to cross the Straits. In the meantime, let's add: The airplane ship does not have a motor and a helm, they would use a different ship to float the ship. Turkey did not accept it at the beginning and was reminiscent of the Montreux Straits Convention. It was very dangerous for Varyag to pass through the throat by shaking his elmin arm so far. Yaşanabilirdi loss of life and property in an unlikely accident.

China On top of that, an accident insurance in Turkey amount to $ 1 billion, wrote and will send tourists to Turkey in the coming years and also promised to use for military purposes of the ship. This was not a bad deal for the Turkish economy, which was in a difficult situation in those years.

Calendars When November 1, 2001 was shown, Varyag went smoothly through the straits. But come to my mind, China has not promised it! It said the Chinese tourists never came to Turkey.

Then a few years later the construction of Varyag was completed.

In conclusion: Varyag was deceived.

Source: Varyag, an entertainment center not a real and quadruple plane ship,