‘Alien Autopsy’ Photo Up for Sale as NFT

A new one is getting ready to be added to the content sold with NFT to astonishing figures. A black and white photograph allegedly taken during an alien autopsy in 1947 has been auctioned off on an NFT platform.

As NFTs become more common, we see Sold as NFT and some examples are starting to appear, sold at really surprising prices. At this point, the viral video of Charlie biting his brother’s finger in the past days and the creepy photo of the fire girl a few months ago were sold as NFT at prices that made people say ‘no more’.

Now, although the concept is a little different, another very interesting photo is on sale as NFT. If the content that is put up for sale this time During an alien autopsy in 1947 A black and white photograph allegedly taken. Of course, the only proof of the authenticity of the photograph is the words of its seller. In addition, the fact that the photograph was used in a documentary about extraterrestrial life and presented as ‘evidence’ also makes the photograph interesting. If the minimum bid price for this interesting photo is 450 Ethereum so for now about 1 million 103 thousand 422 dollars.

No bidders yet:

alien autopsy

This photograph, which is said to have been taken during the alien autopsy carried out in 1947 after a UFO accident in Roswell, New Mexico, and which we cannot compare to anything when we look at it, is a photograph of a musician and filmmaker. by Ray Santilli It is up for sale on Rarible. The starting price is so high that no one in their right mind would like this photo yet. did not bid.


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If a bid is made that exceeds the initial bid of 450 Ethereum, the photo ‘Along with the original copy and correspondence from the CIA corroborating the photo‘It will belong to the person making the offer as NFT. We think that sharing the correspondence in which the CIA verified the photo would have made the sale interesting, and we are looking forward to the person who will buy this rare artifact.