Alphabet Builds a Futuristic Neighborhood in Canada

Sidewalk, Google's parent company, Innovation affiliate, aims to build a futuristic neighborhood along the shoreline of Toronto, Canada, by 2020.

Sidewalk, an affiliate of Google's parent company, Alphabet, Canada's development project in Toronto, called the Quayside, will become the foreground as "environmental sustainability, affordable price, mobility and economic opportunity". Sidewalk Labs, who met with 800 Toronto residents on March 20, talked about what they did in the new neighborhood and what they did not want.

While addressing eight common themes in the meeting, many regions have reported to Sidewalk Lab that community services such as sustainability, public space, medical facilities and schools, affordable housing, transportation, embedded sensors, asked questions on various issues such as privacy. They also suspect that residents are worried that Quayside might be a "new Silicon Valley" characterized by "income inequality and rising costs for the surrounding areas," according to the report. Many people expressed concern that Quayside would become a private neighborhood that only targets those who are able to survive there.

On the other hand, it is useful to say that there is no harm in the anxieties of the residents. Income inequality in the Slikon Valley is on the line. It hosts technology giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook, and is the country's most prosperous region. According to recent reports, there is a difference of more than 10 kats between the lowest and highest salaries in the region.


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Sidewalk Labs, however, stressed that Quayside's design will not be a priority for the needs of technology companies when it comes to calm. However, there is a contradiction in the project. Because Quayside is a project oriented towards innovation, more technology companies will attract the region.

Source: The Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan