Altcoin surprise from whales lying on the rising market

This week is one of the lowest in terms of total volume of whales. We saw that the first five whales movement reached only $ 97.8 million. The top crypts include a surprise subcoin with a large whale movement of $ 20.6 million.

MXM subcoin is in the 2nd place

This week, the rise of the subcoins with some good gains in the market recovery with medium to low crypto We saw. The greening of the market, and in some cases 20%, was expected to accelerate the whale movement. This week, however, there were very few whale movements in the first five transactions, of which only $ 97.8 million were in total.

This week, Bitcoin, the king of the hill, is once again at the summit. Ethereum finished two times in the middle of the table, while XRP finished last in the list. The most striking surprise comes from a crypto money called Maximime Coin (MXM), which is in second place with a $ 20.6 million whale movement. The project is not well known and only works in CoinBene and HitBTC. Currently MXM is ranked 81st in Coinmarketcap with a total market value of $ 56.3 million


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