Always Comparing: Here's What It Can Be After Bitcoin's Decline in 2014 and 2018

The Quartz firm, which we have always heard in the recent period on Bitcoin forums, social media or various chats Quartz firm, which clearly shows the expression "This living process is very similar to the one in 2014" compared with the graphs, 2014 and 2018 He took care of the fixes in Bitcoin. 2014 and 2018

During the 400-day period from December 4, 2013 to January 4, 2015, the price of Bitcoin is almost the same declined by 80% . The price of Bitcoin in the middle ward was once again at its former level;

In 2014 it took 300 days for the 70% decrease in Bitcoin price. In 2018, Bitcoin's 72% is lost in less than 200 days, compared with two years, it is seen that Bitcoin's fall in 2018 is much shorter.

Indeed, we can see that the process is very similar to each other, but with one difference; it is also much shorter in this period. Authorities say that Bitcoin is experiencing a faster correction process this year compared to 2014, but when we examine the two graphs closely, it can easily be seen that similar ups and downs have been evident throughout the process. Looking back to 2014, it is expressed that Bitcoin will fall down a bit and dip in there for a while.

The chart is taken from Quartz and compares 2014 and 2018 corrections.

A Brief Correction

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes told CNBC in the past days that Bitcoin's 3,000 Stated that he could experience a correction period that could be as low as $ 5,000 and then said that the price could go up to $ 50,000. Hayes also stated that something that would raise Bitcoin for $ 50,000 would be an ETF type thing to be approved by the SEC.

Given that Bitcoin is now experiencing something similar to what it had in 2014,

Hayes pointed out that a positive regulatory move by US officials could cause the markets to jump up with a serious momentum, but it is also possible that,