Amazon Defrauded to Provide Financial Resources to Racist Organizations

According to a survey by two NGOs, groups affiliated with racist organizations are funding them by selling racist products on Amazon, the world's largest online shopping site.

United States-based NGO partnerships for Working Families According to the research conducted by the Action Center on Race and the Economy, racist groups are funding themselves by selling books, textiles, accessories and militarist products with various racial symbols on them via Amazon

Racist products are mostly from pro-Nazi organizations, but some Muslim and anti-Jewish organizations are also creating financial resources through online shopping sites. Amazon, accused of helping the racist organizations to collect financial resources, announced that it had removed some of the sales lists that were found to be Nazi sympathizers, and that it would act quickly against all the stores that did not comply with the site rules.


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According to a report by civil society organizations, the biggest reason why racist organizations create funds for them through Amazon is that Amazon's anti-racist principles are inadequate and that interventions against relevant product lists are slow. The organizations that prepared the report invited Amazon to improve and implement the principle that the products of groups that praise and encourage hatred and violence, racial, sexist, or religious intolerance are prohibited.