Amazon Plans to Deliver Free Music Service

"Alexa, play free music." Amazon is said to have made plans to launch a free and advertising music service. Amazon is likely to reinforce the competition threat between global publication leader Spotify and Amazon while Amazon is planning to create a free, ad-serving music service. According to sources, the world's largest online trading company can offer free music service, even with a limited catalog of Echo speakers. In fact, this plan may even happen to the week. Amazon, who wanted to obtain a license for free music, initially offered to pay the fee per publication. Amazon refused to comment on the issue.


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This plan highlights Amazon's growing power in the music industry. As a result, Amazon is a distributor who can sell at a loss to earn customers to support the business segment. Spotify has no such luxury. Ultimately, its shareholders are pressuring Spotify to make a profit from the music-oriented publicly traded company.

Amazon has so far offered the limited Prime Music service to increase Prime subscriptions. The Prime subscription offers advantages such as free shipping, Prime Video, Twitch Prime as you know. In addition, Amazon offers Unlimited Amazon Music subscriptions to Prime members at $ 9.99 per month, up to 7.99 per month, and $ 3.99 per month for only Echo devices.


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Currently the Spotify free service is also the only major platform that is affiliated to subscriptions. Already at Spotify, this free service offers users the generosity and ties it to itself and gets new subscriptions. Currently, Spotify has 96 million subscribers and 116 million free accounts. Spotify's free service attracts users. Because listeners can listen to specific albums or artists at any time, even if they can't control the order of songs.

Amazon did not specify how many subscribers have paid. But last year some reports showed that it was over 20 million. This number is expected to increase thanks to the market-leading smart speakers.