Amazon Prepares to Open Food Markets in 2020

The e-commerce giant Amazon is now preparing to open food markets with quite traditional and normal safes after its cashless stores. According to the company, new markets will be quite cheap compared to others.

Amazon is working on a new market that will open in a neighborhood in Los Angeles next year. According to an ad posted on Amazon's website, the store Woodland hillsWill open in. This is where the new market chain project will be launched by Amazon.

The news that Amazon is preparing to open a store to sell food products was first reported by CNET. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the presence of the work in the store's statement to CNBC and "Amazon, 2020 Opens a grocery store in Woodland Hills ” used the phrase.

Amazon will sell food products will include human employees in the market:

Amazon opens the market

Amazon has published some ads for its new market today, such as store leader and food service employees. The new store is not expected to use autonomous case technology as in Amazon Go stores. Speaker, instead of the market cash registers He said he would have.

The store is located in a shopping center and opens to replace an old toy store, according to Google Maps. The Wall Street Journal has more than a dozen last month as part of a plan to create a new market chain separate from Whole Foods in the Los Angeles area of ​​Amazon. rental contract signed.

Amazon market

Amazon spokesperson told CNBC of the new chain Whole Foods different but did not provide further information about what kind of products the stores would offer or future store locations. A different source from The Wall Street Journal says the new market brand will offer lower prices than Whole Foods. In October, the first stores in this new chain will be opened in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.


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