Amazon Transfers Apple to Become a Trillion Dollar Company

Amazon may be the first company to reach a trillion dollars in market share.

Macquarie, one of Wall Street's strongest analysts, said Amazon had previously owned $ 1 trillion in corporate giants such as Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft. .

AWS (Amazon Web Services), which made up a significant portion of Amazon's revenues, said it would be the most profitable of all of its creators, with analysts claiming that Amazon would become the first trillion- one of the important factors. Delivering cloud server capabilities with a variety of subscriptions, AWS continues to grow day by day. Of course, online shopping has reached a fairly high level, and Amazon's share will be big in the future when it reaches higher levels.


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Amazon's market share is now at $ 701 billion. Although Apple has $ 818 billion worth and Microsoft's $ 716 billion, analysts say that the balance will change over the coming years. Alphabet, which declined 3%, and Apple shares, which fell 6%, and Amazon shares, which showed a pretty good rise compared to Microsoft shares, which rose 11%, increased by 33% this year. This rise is likely to continue in the coming years.