Amazon wants Twitch to be 2nd YouTube

More preferred for live gaming publications, Twitch is on its way to becoming a second Youtube. Amazon wants Twitch to serve users not just games, but every dancer.

Amazon wants its owner Twitch to be a platform that only broadcasts live games and be a second Youtube. Gradually starting to resemble Youtube, Twitch is collaborating with creators like Rafi Fine, who manages high-profile YouTube channels through Fine Brothers Entertainment to create original shows. The company's CEO, Emmett Shear, wants to raise sales figures to $ 1 billion. So the targets are quite big!


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Amazon's Twitch may seem like a trivial threat to Youtube at the moment, but things do not go as well on YouTube as it seems. According to a report on Monday, Youtube has problems with creators and is paying to keep them happy.


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Besides these, Twitch began to enjoy the iconic live broadcasts of the famous star Will Smith, icon Gigi Gorgeous; which proved that Twitch is no longer just games. At the same time, Twitch has been working on live sports broadcasts, From TV programs, there are many different languages ​​serving in discussions and it seems that they will continue to make their way to Youtube.