AMD's Radeon 600 Series Graphics Cards Released

AMD unveils a new line of graphics cards. The series will be released under the name 5 Radeon 600 toplam. Strangely enough, the Radeon 500 series is updated with the names of these cards.

If you want a ready-made gaming computer or a laptop, AMD's new range is exactly what interests you. Today, AMD has introduced the Radeon 600 series of graphics cards to its website. When we look at the features of these graphics cards, we find a very interesting detail.

These “new” graphics cards have the same features as some Radeon 500 models that AMD had previously released. The company did not use Navi technology in these new graphics cards, but used the Polaris architecture as it did with old graphics cards. The new series includes a total of 5 graphics cards.

Radeon 600

Below are the names of the graphics cards and which cards in the Radeon 500 series are replaced:

  • Radeon RX 640 – Radeon 550X

  • Radeon 630 – Radeon 540X

  • Radeon 625 – Radeon 535

  • Radeon 620 – Radeon 530

  • Radeon 610 – Radeon 520

As far as we can see, there is only one X RX ”. Three of these graphics cards will be sold for laptops only. The Radeon RX 640 and Radeon 630 models can be used in laptops as well as desktop computers. The Radeon 600 series graphics cards will not be sold separately for users who want to collect computers.


AMD's Second Golden Age Begins

“So what is the difference of these‘ new ’graphics cards? Elbette Of course, there will be a few improvements in the cards. In addition to supporting new software and some technologies, the Radeon 500 series is renamed for these cards.