America Accepts Russian Nuclear Weapons Powerful

America accepted the power of Russia's nuclear defense systems.

As a result of a study by the SofRep portal, Russia's nuclear weapons are stronger than US weapons. The superiority of Russia was clearly recognized in the American Special Operations Force and the CIA's publishing portal. The nuclear power of atomic bombs, including those previously used by the United States, was compared to Russian nuclear weapons. The power of the bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is known as 15 and 21 kilotons.


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According to this information, it turns out that the American Trident faction is 4 times stronger than the power of these bombs. The strongest nuclear bomb that North Korea possesses is 250 kilos, while the strongest American bomb, called Minuteman, is 473 kilos. China's Dongfeng-31 fighter is known as 1000 kilotons and is almost twice as powerful as the bomb of the rival US.


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But according to the research done, it is revealed that Russia is the country that can leave behind all. Sarmat developed by Russia 50,000 pounds, submarine super torpedo Status-6 100,000 pounds. All this shows that Russia is 5.5 and 11.1 times higher than US nuclear weapons. In March, in Putin's speech in the Bundestag, he argued that a weapon with a non-missile defense system had been developed. In addition, Sarmat, who has a strong structure, also mentioned during his talk. He also explained the unmanned underwater vehicles, aircraft warships and their nuclear defense systems that Russia was in the development stage.