American Operator Sprint Agreement with Samsung for 5G

It's not a day before we hear a new 5G news. 4G has already gone through the fashion and Sprint, one of the American operators, has agreed with Samsung to be one of the first to catch up with new fashion

. The phone is said to be Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to be made by Samsung. Although the details are not certain, it will be able to connect both LTE and 5G in dual connection mode. More information about the device will become clearer as the device is released,

and it is not relevant to the speeds that can be reached with 5G.
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The collaboration between Sprint and Samsung has been known since the beginning of December. Sprint didn't miss the opportunity and immediately evaluated this new technology to be ahead of other operators.

Samsung will release four or five different Galaxy Note 10 models. If the news is not speculating, the new 10 will be a complete monster. The phone will be equipped with an artificial intelligence-powered 8-core Snapdragon 855 SoC processor that will deliver 12GB of RAM and 1TB of built-in storage. But it will also have some bad points until its use becomes widespread and technology advances. Some of them will have a lot of space and heating problems. No matter how high a quality operator and phone manufacturer, the first users of this technology may not be too pleased.