An Android 9 Pie Beta For Nokia 7 Plus More Published

Nokia has released an update on its beta version, which was announced to be over before the final version for the 7 Plus device.

Nokia 7 Plus was one of the first phones to receive the Android 9 Pie beta among phones with Android operating system.

Nokia, which released its latest beta at the beginning of September, has apparently failed to complete its preparations and has made a minor update on its latest update.


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According to Android Police, Nokia 7 Plus will also receive security updates for September with this beta version, version 4.1. It seems that the information in the update record is mostly relevant to the features added in the previous Beta version, so the update should be the latest beta version before the final version

It is not known whether any changes have been made other than the information described; but some users say that a "Quick Look" widget is added to the main screen, aptX is now active, and the WiFi status icon now consists of two octaves that show up and down.


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Nokia is expected to release Android 9 after this minor update without further waiting for its users