An Illegal Web Site in Russia Hacked for Crypto Money Mining

Vyacheslav Kovalenko, an IT officer from the county administration, reported that since the end of May, people who have opened any page of their website have been directed to another malicious website running hidden software on their computers.

According to local news agency , malicious software lasted 10 days before it was deleted last Thursday.

In addition to shutting down the security implications of Web sites, authorities have published a report recommending users to block openable windows to avoid similar risks in the future.

The website provides information about district administration work and official events and attracts about 600 visitors a day.

In February, at the Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Physics Studies (the main nuclear research institute in Russia), in February, ) were arrested at work, on the grounds that many employees were mining on the supercomputer. Similarly, in September, two of the Crimean government's data processing managers were recruited because they built mining equipment for the government building.

In another case involving last December, some employees of Transneft, one of Russia's largest oil transportation companies,