An Important Update for God of War on the Road

God of War, one of the most popular games of the year 2018, will offer a new gaming experience with an update that will be available in the coming days. God of War, one of the games that marked the year 2018, has been sold exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

With the update called New Game + mode, the game will have new abilities, new armor, weapon developments and new items added to the game, with Kratos's battle with creatures and gods in the Scandinavian mythology. With this update, which allows you to skip the long cinematics that come along during the game's progression, you are likely to experience a completely different God of War experience.


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In order to play the game with NG + mode, you have to finish once in any difficulty before. Once you have this requirement, NG + mode, which you can play at your desired level of difficulty, will be available with the update to be released on August 20th. With this updated version of God of War players' curiosity, the game will take on a different style.