An Unknown NES Game Found After 30 Years

On a tape of a YouTuber from a Nintendo employee, a game that has never been seen has been found

. However, it is a fact that some of these games are on sale at some point.

This time the situation is slightly different. YouTuber Stephan Reese (Archon 1981) has found a play that has never been revealed on a tape from a Nintendo employee.


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The game is called Universal Wrestling Corporation. This name was used when Ted Turner bought WCW in 1988. The game was developed by the Japanese game studio SETA. According to the game's login screen, the game was made in 1989. The game features Flash Flags, Road Warriors, Sting, familiar to those who have seen American wrestling on Flash TV. Considering the fact that it has never been published, the game actually stands well.


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An old Nintendo employee said he will soon share the game as a ROM via the Internet. YouTuber also released a video on the game.