Analyst: Trend is Signing in Bitcoin but Good to Be Cautious

Bitcoin, the leader in crypto money markets, has been trading for less than $ 4,000 for a while, but the trend change in recent days has attracted the attention of analysts. BTC'in slowly trying to rise above $ 4 thousand, the analyst of the famous analyst who said the idea about the subject, Crypto Dog, the trend is beginning to recover, but;

The Crypto Dog, one of the highly acclaimed analysts with over 100 thousand followers, and his comments on Twitter, called on the protest in his last message. The successful name that we think we are in a yer strange da price at the moment, wrote:

We're in a really weird situation with regard to the crypto money markets. Technical signs that show that the trend is now positive are available in the chart and it is possible to see a price affirmation in everyone. However, at the moment there is a serious resistance level and there is no guarantee that this will be broken. Therefore, I am cautious and have serious benefits in doing the moves accordingly. Ğı

The successful analyst also said that the recent developments in the Starbucks – Bakkt axis and the Binance move by the Argentine government were extremely positive for the investors of the crypto money; he added that he hopes to continue this and similar developments in the coming period.