Android 9 Pie, Coming Soon DualShock 4 Support

A feature that many people really want is in the end. PlayStation 4's controller DualShock 4 will now be supported by Android 9 Pie

PlayStation 4 is the most popular game console on the market.

One of the problems with using DualShock 4 on Android is that it does not allow key mapping of your device, so it is not uncommon for many people to use their console controller to play games on the mobile. So although you play your game, you can not navigate the menu in some cases. Sony is offering this feature to Xperia devices from the very first moment, but it's up to them to add or not to add other manufacturers. Fortunately, Google has added key mapping to Pie, the latest version of Android.


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Although your Android smartphone can connect wirelessly to the DualShock 4 controller via Bluetooth, you need a file that will enable your phone to convert the keys to the required output / keys. Developers can then use it to figure out which key to activate and which feature to enable. For example, when the user presses the "X" key, the battle game may perceive this as a fire taking action. However, Android needs this key sequence file to understand it. Otherwise, the operating system only sees it as "key pressed."

If your device is rooted, you can add the file that Sony uses on Xperia devices to other devices; you can even activate Remote Play. However, if you do not have root access, you will have to wait for your device to receive the DualShock 4 plugin.

With the Android Pie, you no longer have to worry about adding a key mapping file by default on all Android Pie devices. Sony engineers have been trying to offer such support for 2017 since April, but thanks to Google's support, no further testing is needed. With this change, Android now supports both the wireless DualShock 4 and the wireless Xbox One S controller.

Here are some of the published codes below:


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