Android Beta Version of WhatsApp Updated: Here's What's New

WhatsApp developers have updated the Android beta version of the application. The new update introduces some improvements to the spoken multi-device support and auto-delete messages feature.

US-based social media giant Facebook Instant messaging application WhatsApp, which was purchased a few years ago by, is a big part of our daily life. Developers who are aware of this situation WhatsAppThey are working on new features in order to provide better media.

WhatsApp developers first test the new features they have created for the platform through beta versions. In this context, WhatsApp Android beta The developers who upgraded their version allowed us to discover new features they were working on. If you wish, without further ado, WhatsApp's "2.20.110"Let's see what users are offering with the new Android beta version.


WhatsApp has been working on automatically deleted messages for a while. This feature, which we have seen in the last few beta versions, allows users to set a specific time and automatic to be deleted. The latest beta version released by the developers suggests that this feature continues to approach, but the name It has changed reveals.

In the new Android beta version of WhatsApp with code 2.20.110, the feature that allows messages to be deleted automatically "Expired Messages"We see that it is named. However, this name change is the functionality of the feature in question. that affect I can say. Users will be able to automatically delete messages for a day, a week, or a month within the scope of Expired Messages feature.


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Another feature that WhatsApp is known to work on is multi device support. With this support, users will be able to login to the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices. The latest Android beta version of WhatsApp also includes innovations about this feature.

Multiple device support of WhatsApp uneasy There is also a side. So much so that hackers may not know about this situation if they manage to infiltrate someone's account. Here are the developers who brought a solution for this situation, when logging in from a second device, notification and sends encryption keys to users. Thus, users can check whether the second entries are made by them.


Both WhatsApp's multi-device support and Expired Messages feature are still in development keep in mind required. So it takes a while before you can access these features. wait You have to. However, it is not possible to say anything about how long this wait will last. We hope that the WhatsApp team will bring new features to consumers as soon as possible.