Android Pie Beta for Lenovo Z5 Released

China-based technology company Lenovo has released the Android 9 Pie Beta for its own smartphone Lenovo Z5

Lenovo Group Vice President announced the release of the Android 9 Pie beta update for Lenovo Z5 in Weibo. This version of ZUI comes with version 10.5.221. In addition to the most important update to Android 9 Pie, it adds a new facial recognition program, new ZUI10 design style, 4D U-touch gestures and other functions.

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In addition, this beta update also adds night-time power savings, calories identification, control bar notification and other features. The size of the update package is 1.49 GB. ] If there are no serious problems during the beta testing phase, the stable version will be released as soon as possible, and this can happen in a few days. Ve

You can review the features for the published update from below:

General Upgrade

Upgrade to Android 9.0

Face recognition comes in a new face recognition solution that requires re-entry of Face information into Settings> Password, Fingerprint and Face Recognition

ZUI10 design style, 4D U-touch gestures, magic input box, broadcast and other functions in small window [19659007] RELATED NEWS

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System optimization

Over night power saving added

Added face recognition function to unlock application locks

Added U Health Camera to recognize the calorie function

New negative single-screen card display, step-by-step / command recommendation / fast payment etc. Added support

New desktop editing mode, support for more background layout, hold the background to enter the view interface