Android Q Can Pass Data from the Background

According to information from XDA Developers, Google can prevent the applications running in the background with the new version of Android to read the data. But it also has a number of "features" that can annoy users. One of these is to read the contents of the applications running in the background

The Windows Phone, which once was available, did not give this permission to any application. Some custom Android ROMs like Copperhead OS are blocking this permission. But Google has no official restrictions on this issue. However, according to a code discovered by developers in XDA, this may change.


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XDA found on Android Q "android.permission.READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND." indicates that only allowed applications can read data when running in the background. The protection level is "signature", meaning it can only use system-level applications.

This probably means that third-party Android applications cannot read any data when the app is not in use in Android Q and later. Although some applications may be corrupted, this is a step in the right direction for user security and privacy.