Android will not be more than 2 notch on phones

Google has set a limit to the official notch support for Android P: There will not be more than one notch on each side of the device

Lately, but Google decided to bring a limitation to the official notch support of the Android P, as it would have thought that it was time to say "stop" to this storm.

Megan Potoski, head of Android products, said he works with business partners to get a few requirements on their devices. One of these issues is that the notch is clear and the explanation is quite clear: if you want Android P support, you can not have more than one notch on one side of the phone. Also this notch must be either below or above. Can not be in the middle, right or left.


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Authorities say there will never be more than two in your devices. The reason here is to be able to give software support to phones without any exception. We did not expect Android phones to be under full control, just like an Apple device, but we expected this kind of restriction to happen.