Android: Youtube dominates the mobile streaming market

Among the top 5 mobile streaming apps for Android, users spend 70 percent of their time on YouTube. The market research and consulting company reports App Annie, YouTube is also the only company in the top group that is not from China and does not officially operate in China.

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Far behind in second place is the Tencent News app, which accounts for ten percent of the usage time within the top 5 group. Then come Tencent Video and IQIYI with seven percent each and Xigua Video with six percent. With the numbers it should be noted that it is only the percentage share of the top group, not the entire streaming market. In addition, the analysis only includes users of Android smartphones and only describes the duration of use, not the number of users.

App Annie has not published absolute numbers. The distribution within the top 5 group, however, gives an insight into how dominant YouTube is in the distribution of the useful life – and correspondingly successful in advertising revenue. The streaming service Netflix only follows in sixth place. Since Netflix only operates a paid subscription model, the provider is not as dependent on YouTube as YouTube on users who watch advertising.

Both short and long videos on Youtube

Youtube has several advantages over its competitors: First, the platform is free, unlike Netflix, for example; In addition, users can find both short and long videos on YouTube. This allows users to watch content when they have little time, but also when they want to be entertained a little longer.

Competitors such as Tiktok only offer short videos, while Netflix tends to offer longer ones. There are also contributions from media companies and private content on YouTube. For some time now, YouTube has also been offering music streaming.

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