Android's Bluetooth Delay Is Great

If you have bought a new wireless headset and want to experience simultaneous audio with your Android device, you still have to wait because Android still can't do that. . However, we cannot say that Android is the best in everything because the devices running Android operating systems are almost crawling in places, according to Bluetooth performance.


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Let's start by defining what we call delay. While listening to music, watching videos, playing games, there is always a delay. The important point is that this delay is possible; 20 ms is below the level of discernment. While the values ​​between 50-80 ms do not cause any disturbance, the delays above 120 ms cause us to return to the cube with the wireless headset. This delay is calculated for videos and the audio is simultaneously transmitted, but it can lead to huge problems when playing games.


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In comparison, the lag time on the iOS platform (with AirPods) is under what people can detect, and it brings a very pleasant wireless headset experience to the user. Unfortunately, there is little information about when we can experience it on the Android platform.