Announcing Marvel Fans: Venom 2 Approved

The shootings of Venom 2, which was heralded by Jeff Pinkner in the past few weeks, have become clear this year.

Venom's box office success, both Sony and Marvel, has received critical criticism from both critics and Marvel fans. seriously satisfied.

In the past few weeks, Jeff Pinker, the author of the first film, announced, in a sense, the arrival of the film. Today, according to the news from the Variety front, the arrival of Venom 2 became final. Tom Hardy will star as Eddie Brock

Although Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelsaon will be featured in the second film, it is a mystery to who will be the director of the film. The rumors are that Sony is looking for another director to replace Ruben Fleischer.

These are the information we have about the film. However, Venom's new film will be known as Venom 2 and will appear in 2020.


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