Another stolen cryptographic platform took over the stolen 500,000 XRPs

Crypto money wallet service GateHub had been hacked earlier this month. It was reported that about 100 wallets were affected and 23 million 200 thousand XRPs worth a total of $ 9.5 million were stolen.

Some of these XRPs stolen by hackers were seized by ChangeNow, a platform that allows exchange between crypto currencies. [19659002] In a statement from ChangNow, all addresses associated with hackers were blacklisted after the corresponding addresses were identified. Later, on June 9, the team's rapid and coordinated action has allowed the hijackers to attempt to stop a large number of XRP transactions that Hackers have attempted to execute on ChangeNow. In addition, the amount of Ripple attempted to transfer through the platform was 2.5 million, 500,000 of them were seized. 500,000 XRP is worth about 200 thousand dollars as of 23.30 TSI.

Finally, it was emphasized that the captured XRPs were transferred to a cold wallet and returned to the GateHub.

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