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During the years when the role-playing games began to lose their sparkles, Baldur’s Gate signed its name in history and engraved its name with the golden letters. The legendary heroes look like the Legion of the Dawn.

Just like Legion of Dawn began to interfere with legends like history in recent years at BioWare. In particular, with Mass Effect Andromeda, they will be stuck in the bottom after being stuck to the bottom, or they will come back to the surface with the momentum they are getting from the bottom, and we are looking at the new brands Anthem, who will decide on it a lot. And unfortunately, the result seems to determine how much Bioware can hold his breath under water.

The Divine BioWare!

In Anthem, we are witnessing mankind, who are barely fighting for survival in a dangerous and mysterious world. It is hundreds of years since the legendary heroes called Legion of Dawn save the human race from slavery under the Urgoth race. After the death of the leader of the Legion, Helena Tarsis, the organization could not stay together and these heroes were divided into three groups: Freelancers, Sentinels and Dominion. We represent the Freelancer part of these three factions. Dominion is a kind of mercenary group of mercenaries, who once stood together in the Legion of Dawn. In addition to non-human external threats, Dominion is a kind of police force that protects our main enemies and the Sentinels, mainly Antium. The common denominator of the three groups is that they use exo-armor called ion Javelin baş which is being produced in the time of Legion of Dawn against the threats of the outside world. When it comes to Dominion, some da weird in tools come into play, but it’s a fact that it tells the story.

These three groups and each of their struggles is trying to tell you a lot of big and small stories. But to understand the world of the game, there is one more important thing you should know, the “Anthem” that gave the name to the game, or “Anthem of Creation”, that is to say “The Deity of Creation”. You know that those who are familiar with Middle Earth, or rather Silmarillion, come from Ainur’s Music, the myth of the creation of Tolkien. Anthem’s creation mythology rests his back on a similar music. The divine beings, known as Shapers, which are believed to have shaped the world, have created lives using this Creation of Creation, forming the earth as if they were playing with the play dough. But the legends in the game say that the Shaper disappeared for an unclear reason before completing this formatting process.

These various remnants and mechanisms, which were used to shape the world, but were left behind, caused the world of Anthem to be unstable and chaotic. Often freelancer groups bir silenced lenmiş the remains of the disasters by preventing ”silencing”, but sometimes there is no way to prevent these disasters. This brings us to The Heart of Rage, the opening scene of Anthem. In the first moments of the game, the story that left us in the lap of disaster, reveals how we stumbled as a freshman Freelancer and we were doing a great job. A two-year leapfold after that, he throws us at a time when Freelancers’ reputation is razed to the forefront of even the simplest contracts. Throughout the game there are many movements and choices that will bring Freelancers to the golden days.

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If you look on paper, all the ingredients are actually in place to create a marvelous recipe, right? A mysterious and engaging world pattern is okay, the Javelin concept is exquisite. Even the organization that we have the chance to become one of the last and last members of the organization is like the signature of Bioware. But even though the main components are beautifully set up, when you start to experience the rest, you see that the situation is similar to that of Anthem’s fiction: half-and-missing by the stylers. Well, in this case, it is very ironic that the metaphor of The Heart of Rage coincides with the players who are finished and waiting to buy in full.

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the game during the time I played. Maybe Mass Effect: Andromeda Bioware after the standards about my very low falls in the bottom of the company brings to the mind of the game, the game world, dialogue and character is very nice. Especially in Destiny, which is one of the nearest competitors of Anthem, I kept Freelancer being an overly talkative and entertaining character, considering that one of the most loved characters of the series should be spent in order to break a single sentence from the main character’s mouth for the last two years; it has added both depth and personality to the character. Although they are one of Andromeda’s most humiliated deficiencies, it is very enjoyable to watch the cinematic moments when it comes to the successful character animations made from a lot of buckets to compensate.

Anthem’s gameplay is mostly divided into two parts: the first one in which we enter into dialogue with the nation in Fort Tarsis, where we collect the Codex entries and paint our Javelin armor and set our weapons. Fortunately, the speed of walking at the speed of the animal in the demo, which is a bit faster in the full version of the speed of the full version of the speed of the chore. We meet and mingle with most of the characters in this section, and as I said, there are really interesting ones among them and they are able to connect you to them after some place. They have managed to make Fort Tarsis feel alive for some time. But when you see that you have no contact with anyone except for a handful of predetermined characters, and of course Zoe is trying to get into your Javelin for the fiftieth time. If he really brings korox to the city, he goes to history books! Olursa You’ll understand the characters, although the stories are beautifully written, not too deep and layered. It’s really a pity that we have even reduced the speech options to two, this time when we call Bioware’s dialogue wheel even shallow. Now that you’re talking, you choose one of the two options, and I don’t recall any choice that would affect the story and progress. I think there was only one choice ”you could go to X or Y to do that piece of armor” in the story z although I had done both of them to gain maximum experience points, something changed.

I said the game is split in two, but there’s actually one more secret between the two: Javelin’s personalization. When I was creating my character, it was oddly enough to choose only one of the ready-made smileys, but when I saw the personalization part of Javelin, I saw that they showed the real care here and I was satisfied. At least first. Because I’m telling you, the whole of Anthem is full of areas that affect you at first glance but when you start digging you find it much more shallow than you expect. That’s one of them. You set up all the equipment of your Javelin, its weapons, its modes or something called J Forge J. The most standard parts are up to two weapons that you can carry with you. Apart from that, there are modes that improve your various features – if you want to get full efficiency, I recommend you to choose the special modes for your Javelin type. Each Javelin has a support ability, and also has heavy balls that you want to use at every turn, corresponding to Q and E on the keypad. Take extra care when selecting these capabilities, as it is very important to set up Primer and Detonator support. Even if you’ve played the game, you can say, yen What is a primer, is it a Detonator? Oyun As a matter of fact, the game makes little effort to explain these features. Again, there are players in what; Redditimten FireDragon04 has created a very useful table, share it here, let’s assume the task Bioware has done spontaneously. (We can even say that in general, Bioware has a serious problem in giving information to the players)

Anthem Game Review

Primer in summary combo preparation movements; First you use them and prepare the enemy in combo, then use your Detonator skills to inflict damage like crazy. Especially in GM1 and above difficulties, it is imperative to use these skills very effectively, so I would like to learn through the general course of the game and learn to practice your hand.

Considering the fact that your Javelin represents you, it is also important to see what the equipment looks like. The cosmetic look you can fine-tune from Forge has a wide range to start. You will come across many different colors and types of Javelins. There is also an analogy of Javelin to Ironman, EVA-01 and Gundam. If you’re wondering who did what, I suggest you take a look at Reddit’s related area. My only disappointment was that the new armor types were not opened as the game progressed. Prospero sells some armor shapes with a stock that changes every week, but it was definitely much more than my expectation. One time is added to the fields where the game needs to improve itself m

Javelins On Us, Weapons In Our Belts J

Eve, we’re here to spend most of our time! No, I’m not talking about installation screens. Although he did not spend a little time during the Early Access period of the game, there is no lie. But the game was able to significantly reduce the patch load times that came before the official exit. So I would like to take a look at the part where we jump into our Javelins and open to the outside world.

First of all, let me take a look: It’s really fun to use Javelins. A total of four Javelin types each have its own, different gameplay. I’m not talking about minor differences in one ability and not in the other. each Javelin really requires a different style of play.

Javelin is a Ranger. She is a bit talented in every respect, and Javelin herself is a young Freelancer. Clearly, it is an ideal model that works in most situations because it can do almost everything that others do (not as good as they are). After the opening, the game gives you the choice of Javelin. The Interceptor is a sleek armor, based on a completely fast movement. If you want to attack the weak points behind the enemy or want to beat the enemy in close combat, this is ideal. Let me remind you that the armor is too weak, not too many enemy fire. Colossus, who is an expert in breastfeeding. It is heavy, slow, but appeals to those who love to put the big shield in the middle of the opponent’s face while sitting and running. representative of the tank class. The last remaining Javelin is Storm, originally Dominion technology. Let’s face it, it’s also one of the most enjoyable armor. Although it is very lightly armored, it stretches its opponents long in the air and strangles its opponents. Just like the magician, you’ll float on top of the battlefield, lightning, fires, and cut down your enemies. Whichever you choose, the more your pilot level is (2, 8, 16, and 26), the more you open them all, and without leaving Fort Tarsis, you can choose whichever you want.

Anthem Javelin Guide – Which One Should We Choose At First?

You have a few different options when you go out into the open world. Freeplay throws you at the heart of the open world and you can explore and explore as you like in this mode. Apart from that, you can perform the tasks and contracts that the story of the game offers you, or if you feel lucky, you can dive into Quickplay and join other players’ random missions and parties. However, because you may not coincide with the tasks that you have not done yet, beware of spoilers. For some reason they thought that it was a good idea to teleport even in important moments of tasks such as Destiny, or even when you stood in your boss for two minutes instead of teleporting your team; instead, it has been a feature that undermines the gaming pleasure. Let me go myself to my teammates I’ve already seen two steps away, right? Anyway, once you get to a certain point in the story, you’ll have a choice called Strongholds. This is Anthem’s dungeon concept. Four people get together and try to find out where the Scar’s got their acidic weapons. The answer is particularly sad for those who have arachnophobia, and I’ll also be stimulated for that. After finishing the main scenario, two more Strongholds are opened, one of which is actually the last one. Even though they are delightful, there are only two strongholds, again giving the impression that Bioware’s work is a bit rushed. At least they said they would add an extra stronghold in the Act 01 add-ons, which will come at least later in March. I hope that the number of Stronghold in the game continues to increase rapidly.

Water Cooled Jetpack

Anthemğs open world, even though its formation is unfinished, has an eye-catching beauty. The regions, which are designed as horizontally as vertical, attract and attract you to your sense of discovery at first. But as in the whole game, you realize that you are doing just three things in this big world after a while: You are killing something or trying to defend a circle until a radio signal bar is filled or you pick up an object in the direction that your radar tells you and bring it to a certain area. It is a pity that the entire mission structure of the Koskoca Anthem is based solely on these three.

There are many areas in the open world that you can explore outside these missions, but these are mostly Codex notes, Arcanist runes or treasure chests; they do not feel sufficiently. full m, they do not reward your discoveries. Fortunately, the map is not as small as I thought it was at first glance. But when you open the map screen to see it, you’ll regret it because you’re going to regret it because you’ve designed a disgraceful interface that is overwhelmed by the uselessness of the menus. The fact that the map screen has nothing to do with the vertical playground, as well as any marking, or the fact that Freeplay is the most inexpensive of some of the standard features of the market, even the cheapest and most foolish games such as showing where you die when you are playing alone, is a complete disaster. Fortunately, players have been voicing their opinions quite a bit about this since the demon, which, despite all the negativity, still leads me to the slightest crumb of Anthem.

Yeah, yeah, you didn’t read it wrong. Despite all these considerations, despite the cons, I still don’t close the door to the possibility that Anthem could be a good game, sitting one day in the future. Because the main components of the game have nice ideas, fun mechanics. When you enter the forums or Reddit, you can see that Bioware really wants Anthem to succeed when you look at the producers’ posts on Twitter. Then why don’t you know if you say the game is fully ready, ready before the end, I don’t know. Maybe the EA game pushed for early decals, perhaps they believed they could roll the caravan on the road, maybe they would give the players the game and then think about making changes according to the next comments.

What is certain is that Bioware has released Anthem on the market without taking lessons from their mistakes, although there are examples like The Division and Destiny before them. But at least they’re making a quick and enthusiastic return from these two rivals that I’ve counted about listening to their players and responding to their requests. So it is very unlikely that we will find a much more neat, well-established game in the coming months as it is in the competition. Oh, can I suggest you buy the game by then? That depends on how much you trust Bioware and how hungry you are in a new loot-shootera. Instead of spending a lot of money on a game that is still lacking in tone, it is better to take a Origin Access membership and test it in a 10-hour trial. But the fact that Bioware can keep her breath at that bottom where she collapsed while keeping a close line on the edge from The Division 2 k

Since this is a continuum game, we plan to update our review when BioWare makes the game better.


It’s very enjoyable to check the javelins. Each has its own playing style.
His world, his characters and his stories give hope for the future.
He manages to think and use the game map as vertically as horizontally.
Bioware is quick and effective in getting in touch with players and getting a return.
No meaningless long micro-pay walls, the game is rewarding you generously to get what you want.


Interface design disaster. The map is incredibly unusable, suffocating with the menus.
Masterwork is very ordinary until you reach the level of Legendary
There are only three types of tasks, and it quickly turns into a vicious circle.
When Freeplay is entered with random players, they leave everyone unreliable and do not direct enough.
There are no choices to influence the story.
It is generally rushed and feels like it needs further development. He’s still so pathetic.

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The game was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

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Anthem Game Review

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