Apex Legends to Continue with Seasonal Updates

A free-to-play Battle Royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, CEO Vince Zampella explained the upcoming updates to Apex Legends. Talking about the future of Apex Legends at Summit 2019, Reslawn CEO Vince Zampella explained the game's update system. The CEO said that the work schedule of the studio was organized to keep the quality of life of the team members at the highest level, and that they would not prefer frequent updates, as opposed to Fortnite.
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Zampella, who said that their plans were seasonal updates from the beginning, said, "Our aim was always to be seasonal. Therefore we will continue in the same way." Thinking that the number of players should not affect content changes, the CEO added that working at a busier pace could lead to a reduction in quality.


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Zampella said they want players not to drop the quality of their experience, adding that players who find themselves disappointed in the first season can find what they are looking for in the second season. After the CEO's comments, players who are excited for the 2nd season must wait for a while because Respawn doesn't decide how long the seasons will take.