App Store's 30% Commission Rates Reacted

Apple receives up to 30% of all purchases from the App Store. This pisses off app developers and threatens Apple's future.

Apple encourages services to grow, but analysts have doubts about it. A community that rebelled against Apple's 70/30 store revenues could do a great deal of damage to Apple's long-term growth. This may damage the development of Apple in the long term. [


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On the other hand, these high commissions by Apple have slowed Apple's growth

. For example, Netflix has removed the in-app billing service. Spotify and Fortnite stood for Apple, saying they would not pay the so-called Apple taxes, which range from 15% to 25%.

But he also said that not every firm is as big as Netflix, Spotify or Fortnite and that they will not follow in their footsteps.

The biggest thing that Apple investors need to worry about is the iPhone. According to his analysis, Apple has to pull down its iPhone sales forecast a little further.


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