Apple Can Make iPhone NFCs More Convenient

According to some rumors, one of Apple's announcements on WWDC will be based on the NFC feature. it will be. Application developers will eventually have the option to read NFC tags based on ISO 7816, FeliCa and MiFare

The only thing that will focus on developer development is not limited to NFC. Siri; third party applications, such as media control, dialing, voice dialing and travel information. There are also rumors that new things will come about in augmented reality. Innovative reality is an innovation that allows visual augmented reality experience instead of raw codes. Developers will also be able to use the Taptic Engine for newer Apple devices and Marzipan to enhance features such as the Mac, menu bar, multiple windows


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Apple's plans for iOS and macOS in WWDC are still unknown. Possible announcements include basic interface enhancements and hardware news. According to some sources, there will be many not-too-flamboyant, but rather functional announcements of announcements.