Apple: iOS leaked 14 months before release

Months before the planned release of the finished version of iOS 14, a complete pre-release version of the operating system is circulating in hacker and security research circles. The software should have been available at least since February 2020, such as Vice reports on his tech portal motherboard.

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According to various matching sources, the iOS 14 version is said to be as of December 2019. It is likely that it was copied from a development iPhone that is actually only available to Apple developers.

The sources report that someone bought the device in China for several thousand US dollars and extracted the software. The pre-release was then distributed across the jailbreaking and hacking community.

Security researchers are already working on iOS 14

Security researchers have also received copies of iOS 14. This allows the software to be checked for vulnerabilities before the first beta version is released. These vulnerabilities could then be eliminated as targets.

Such a pre-release version is of course interesting for many hackers, but also for jail breaks. However, it should be borne in mind that the iOS 14 in circulation is an early version of the operating system. Many details could change before publication.

It is extremely unusual for a complete iOS version to be leaked in advance and to be available to hackers and security researchers. According to the motherboard, the magazine 9to5Mac should also have a copy from which details have been published over and over again in recent weeks. According to its own information, Motherboard deleted its copy after the publication.

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